Annual Spring Break Tour

Above : YGC tour in Buffalo, NY and Toronto, CA in 2019

Above: YGC tour in Buffalo, NY and Toronto, CA in 2019

Thank you for supporting us on our spring 2019 tour!

Each year, tour brings choir to a national or international destination where we not only bring our ministry of song to new communities, but where we also engage in community service and strive to make a real impact in the spaces that we visit.

During our 2019 Spring Break, we traveled to Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, New York from March 9th to March 18th. Our intent was to spread love through song and service. We were especially eager to learn from Buffalo’s rich history of Gospel music. We focused on community engagement through performance and volunteer work at various venues including churches, schools, and nursing homes. We learned from each other and from those we encountered as we shared the gospel tradition and the Gospel of Jesus Christ across racial, faith-based, and political boundaries. You can read about some of our tour experiences at

YGC is so grateful to all the support that organizations and individuals have shown to us. With these funds, we were able to cover airfare, transportation, lodging, and food.

We are excited about all of the ways that we will bless and be blessed by engaging with the diverse communities of the world. 

Thank you again for your time and support. Please do consider participating in our future tour efforts, and being a part of this experience with us!

Look below for a brief recap of our most recent tours. And remember to keep us in your prayers as we continue to pursue this awesome ministry each year!

Spring 2019: Toronto and Buffalo

From March 9th to the 18th, seventeen members of YGC took our mission of spreading the Gospel through song to Toronto, ON, Canada and Buffalo, NY. We drank bagged milk, went to Tim Horton’s, ate (real) Buffalo wings, marveled at the wonders of Niagara Falls, and ministered to the communities of Toronto and Buffalo as they ministered to us in return through their love and hospitality. Visit our tour blog at!

Spring 2018: Seoul

From March 11th to the 20th, twenty members of YGC took our mission of spreading the Gospel through song to Seoul, South Korea. We sang, danced, laughed, and cried our way through an incredible tour experience filled with musical, emotional, and spiritual growth. It was an ambitious goal to bring twenty people halfway across the world and back, and by the end of the first day we had our unofficial tour motto: “Surprise!” and had more than lived up to it by the end of the trip.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this tour possible, from donors to parents to friends to our audiences to God, who gives us our purpose and strength. We can only hope we left at least a little bit of our soul in Seoul. Visit our tour blog at

Spring 2017: Chicago

This year's trip was a focused nine days in Chicago, over which we did 17 performances. We had several concerts and plenty of service with churches, schools, and after-school programs. Each day, we gathered for Bible Study, seeking joy in God through worship, devotional times, and community with each other. We are grateful to God for showing us what He can do with a tour manager and twenty two willing hearts and voices. Our tour verse is a powerful statement of what we experienced over tour - worshiping God is better than all else! Visit our tour blog at

Spring 2016: Cuba

This year, we stepped out in faith and toured in the Republic of Cuba, spreading the gospel in the cities of Havana and Cienfuegos and getting to know more about the country, its people, and its churches. We developed a special bond with the people of Salem Baptist Church in Havana - saying goodbye was hard. We also had the inspiring experience of meeting and hearing multiple other choirs. All of us were challenged in different ways over the course of this tour, sometimes learning the hard way what it means for God to break us in order to make us new. We saw so much beauty, met so many wonderful people, and saw God move in ways we're still working to understand more deeply. Visit our tour blog at!

Spring 2015: New Orleans

This year's tour to New Orleans was truly a special experience. It was an honor to be on God's tour and see His provision, not just financially, but also spiritually. Seeing choir love in action and truth, as we focused on from 1 John 3:18, was beautiful, and we were willing to go where He led us and trust that He would order our steps. God is moving in YGC, and we know He will continue to do so.

Spring 2014: Jamaica

This spring, YGC was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Jamaica's gorgeous cities of Kingston and Ocho Rios. It was an amazing experience, as we all truly felt the presence of God, and were able to learn how to love others — not only one another in choir, but also complete strangers, as we are commanded to do. We performed at a multitude of different schools and churches, and we even did a prayer walk through the streets of Papine, which challenged many of us in choir, but taking that step of faith helped us grow closer to one another, and closer to God. We also had fun, as is expected, as we went to Hellshire Beach, Dunns River Falls, and had traditional Jamaican food like jerk chicken and patties. 

Spring 2013: Puerto Rico

This spring break, we visited Puerto Rico to perform in schools, churches, and community centers and to engage in community service. We were excited for this chance to experience the beauty and vibrancy of Latin America and fellowship with Puerto Ricans through song and service. 

Spring 2012: Brazil

This year, YGC had the amazing opportunity to tour Brazil in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. We performed at different international schools and churches. We even had the inspiring experience of singing Total Praise with the choir of IASD Capão Redondo! Over the course of the tour, choir grew not only closer to one another, but also to Jesus. It was truly awesome to see this transformation and to realize that through God, we can connect with people of any culture or language.

Spring 2011: California

This year, YGC toured around southern California in Pasadena and San Diego. We performed at members' former high schools, a Ronald McDonald House, and West Angeles Church of God in Christ. We also had the opportunity to meet with high school seniors and talk about Yale. At the end of tour, we put on a short show for the families who were generous enough to provide us with free hosting.

Spring 2010: India

This year, YGC toured Delhi, India. We performed at schools, churches, orphanages, and even a shopping mall. Our tour featured a day trip to Agra where we saw the breathtaking Taj Mahal. The people we met were incredibly welcoming and open to the new kind of music we brought them. In Delhi, we visited the historic Red Fort and Raj Ghat, Mahatma Gandhi's memorial. This year's journey was a spiritual one that allowed us to appreciate the beauty of another culture and understand more about our own.

Spring 2009: The Midwest

This year, we traveled to Cleveland, OH, and Chicago, IL. In Cleveland we we stayed with host families and sang at the home churches of members Elysa and Robbie as well as a school, a retirement home, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While in Chicago we sang at the University of Chicago, various churches, and at the Chicago Temple with other Yale groups. We also got in our fair share of site-seeing and rambunctious fellowship on this truly God-blessed tour. 

Spring 2008: Jamaica

This year, we traveled to Kingston, Jamaica. On our second international tour we sang at various churches and schools in Kingston and around Jamaica. We took in some of the beautiful sights, enjoyed the warm weather, bonded over games of Mafia, and ate an overload of festival. 

Spring 2007: Texas

This year, we traveled to San Antonio, Texas. We were invited by a YGC alumna, Ivy Taylor, to tour the area. We sang at a variety of places including churches, a juvenile detention center, and a convent retirement home. YGC enjoyed the warm weather and ate more food than they could dream of. All in all, it was an amazing tour full of fellowship, discipleship and evangelism.

Spring 2006: South Africa 

This year, we traveled to Capetown in South Africa. This was our first international tour, and it was a blessing to mix and mingle with our brothers and sisters in Capetown. While singing at churches, a prison, schools, universities, and towns, members were inspired by the many interactions, and many times left with changed hearts. Highlights of the trip include the tour of Robbin's Island, where Nelson Mandela was held, going into the community of Khayelitsha and ministering to the residents, shopping at a local market place, tasting local cuisine, and the braai (barbecue) hosted by a Yale alum. Despite the challenges of going to another country, South Africa was truly a spiritually fulfilling tour.

Spring 2005: California

This year, we toured around northern California. While we stayed mainly in San Francisco and Oakland, we were also able to sing in Santa Cruz and Hayward. Our venues included: churches, a veteran's hospital, a homeless shelter, a minimum security prison, a high school, and an elementary school. Highlights of this trip included: singing at the East Oakland Youth Development Center, appearing on the Oakland local news, singing for the Yale Club of San Francisco, singing at the University of San Francisco and at Patten University, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, touring Fisherman's Wharf, and going to Erin's house (choir member). Special thanks to the Dress Family, the members of Calvary Presbyterian Church, USF, PU, and the Yale Club of San Francisco.

Spring 2004: The South

This year, we toured around Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; and Ashville, NC. As always, we were blessed by all the people we met in churches, convalescent homes, a children's home, a juvenile detention center, a high school, a daycare, and an elementary school. Highlights of this trip included: singing at a national basketball tournament, appearing on the Nashville local news, being pictured in a Nashville local newspaper, and going to Kerry's house (choir member).

Spring 2003: California 

This year, we toured in southern California. While we did stay mainly in the Rialto area, we also visited places like Irvine, CA. We sang at a variety of venues, including churches, convalescent homes, a women's prison, a daycare center, a high school, and an elementary school. Highlights of this trip included: singing on The Price is Right, Billina (choir member) winning the Price is Right final showcase, meeting Courtney Vance and Angela Bassett, shopping on Melrose, spending the night in a Marriott Hotel, and going to Eldred's house (choir member).

Spring 2002: The Midwest 

This year, we toured around Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Indianapolis, IN; and Cleveland, OH. We had the privilege and pleasure of singing at churches, convalescent homes, high schools, and middle schools. Higlights of this trip included: the beginning of encouragements (small notes that we write to each other at the end of tour); a powerful, Spirit-filled final concert; and going to Krystle's house (choir member).